camp"One day in class, I was becoming frustrated with a student's lack of motivation, frequent outbursts, and poor performance. As teachers, we often become frustrated when our students don't fulfill the potential we see in them. I asked him, "What are you going to do if you don't graduate from high school"? He looked me straight in the eyes and said with a sincere voice, "If I don't graduate from high school I will be in jail or be dead". That night I called Jamie Climer. I was familiar with the program and asked if he could interview my student. I knew that this could be the student's last chance at changing his future. The next day I called him student into my classroom and explained to the potential I saw in him. He had tears in his eyes and I could see that he was a young man with no hope. We watched the video on Changing Lives for Tomorrow and his face lit up. He immediately wanted to be a part of the CLFT family. The next week he met Jamie and committed himself to the program. From that point forward, Jamie served as his mentor, trainer, friend, and most importantly to this young man - a true father figure. The gym gave him a safe place to build his confidence, leadership skills, physical conditioning and friendships. After only 3 months with Jamie and the CLFT team, this student has increased his high school credits by 50%. I've even overheard teachers on campus talk about the changes they've seen in him – respecting teachers, being involved more in classroom discussion, homework completion, and most importantly – smiling (something you would have never seen before) and a positive attitude. Changing Lives for Tomorrow gives young men the possibility to dream and the tools they the need to make their dreams a reality. With the help of CLFT, this student now has goal of playing football and graduating from high school in 2016.

- FUSD Teacher

 CLFT is God's blessing full force!

I was instantly convinced that CLFT was the greatest thing on earth, and timing could not have been more perfect.  It was during a time where I was at my wits end dealing with my son and his summer school class; months of adapting to change, staying away from the negative forces of earth.  We had the energy to move forward but I knew something was missing.  Thank GOD, a dear friend pushed the fact of getting connected with CLFT.  The strengths of the program and its character has been very nurturing, uplifitng, and most of all has filled that void in our life.  Thank you very much for recognizing us and for teh love your family shares with mine.  Change is good!!! 

- Mom of Mentee

clft 2CLFT gives me the tools I need to keep my focus with school and workout.  My mentor really believes in my capabilities.  The program guides me with staying focused and building stronger determination.  One of my life goals is to pursue a baseball career and I am empowered by my mentor and the others in the program in doing so.  Thank you! 

- Mentee